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Kiton Vicuna Sport Coat Dark Green - Lasa EUR 48/ US 38 R

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Ultra Luxury Fabrics: Most Kiton vicuña sport coats have 5-7% vicuña fabrics, but this blazer has 77% vicuña fabrics, extreme luxury !! Genuine unlined Kiton sport coat, dark green solid with slight tonal striped motif, luxury vicuna fabrics, mod. Lasa, hand made in Italy. Kiton men suits and blazers at outlet prices.

  • Size: EUR 48/ US 38 - Drop R8
    Length 29 1/2", Shoulder 18 1/2"
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Style: Unlined Vicuna Sport Jacket - "Lasa"
  • 3 Button Blazer, Rolling (Hidden) 3rd Button
  • Bucket Pockets, Button Cuffs
  • Brand: Kiton
  • Original Kiton Hanger
  • Authentic - First Quality  
  • Product Code: kito-ja221070 

Most Kiton vicuña sport coats have 5-7% vicuña fabrics (and 90%+ cashmere), but this blazer has 77% vicuña, extreme luxury!!

Vicuñas and Guanaco (live in similar areas as the well known llama) produce some of the finest fibers in the world. The very fine Vicuña wool comes from Peru and Bolivia, and the Guanaco wool comes often from Argentina. Often Kiton exclusive.
Kiton: Sartorial quality tailoring, using the finest fabrics! 
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