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Shipping Cost

  • All orders ship from San Diego, California, USA. 
  • All orders have just one flat fee rate per order (not per product).
  • 99% of all orders are processed within 24 hours.
  • Orders ship without gift boxes. FREE (original) gift boxes can be added:
    Add A Gift Box or at checkout.


Shipping - Domestic USA

Flat fee rate for the whole order (in USD $)! Orders ship within 24 hours.

  • FREE = 4 - 8 Day Shipping - Orders Over $200
  • $7.00 = 3 - 5 Day Shipping
  • $9.99 = 2 - 3 Day Shipping
  • $9.99 = 2 Day Fedex Envelop Shipping (Fits No Gift Boxes)
  • $25.00 = Overnight Delivery - Flat Envelop
    (Order Before 6pm East Coast Time/ 3pm California Time)
  • $39.00 = Overnight Delivery - Fedex Box
    (for 3 or more ties, or shirts, suits)


Shipping - International

Shipping the almost every country in the world!

All orders have a flat fee rate per order (not per product). 
The Fedex 3 Day Box rate applies when you order any shirt or add gift boxes (does not fit in envelop).



  • $19.00 S/H - 3 Day FEDEX Envelop (No Gift Box)
  • $29.00 S/H - 3 Day FEDEX Box


Australia/ New Zealand

  • $24.99 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Envelop (Fedex just increased rates)
  • $45.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Box


Western Europe

  • $29.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Envelop (No Gift Box)
  • $49.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Box 


Rest of Europe

  • $37.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Envelop
  • $49.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Box


Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong

  • $29.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Envelop (No Gift Box)
  • $49.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX


Rest of the World

  • $37.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Envelop (No Gift Boxes)
    $49.00 S/H = 3 Day FEDEX Box





Easy Returns (USA only): email sales@tiedeals.com to request a prepaid label.

Returns are always accepted within 30 days - just a $8 Return S/H Fee
(note: we like to keep returns to a healthy level, making returns easy but not to the point that "unnecessary returns" start hurting the bottom line. Note: Fedex/ UPS and other carriers shipping cost have increase by 40% + in the last 5 years.)

Tiedeals has taking care of customers for 20+ years. Tiedeals offers a straight forward return policy:

  • Returns are accepted until 30 days after purchase for a full refund (- return S/H $8)
    1. Email sales@tiedeals.com and mention the date of purchase, name and product to be returned.
    2. Tiedeals will email a pre-paid label to return the product and directly ship the replacement (at no extra charge)


  • A reason for return, for quality purposes only, will be appreciated
  • Only returns are accepted when merchandise is returned in exactly the same state as purchased, including original tags/ box when applicable 
  • No returns can be accepted when any of the merchandise has been worn or altered


Mailing address for returns:




Gift Boxes

Shipping including gift boxes is available:

  • Free gift boxes offered for domestic USA orders
  • Free gift boxes are offered for international orders only when these might fit the shipping box/ envelop (otherwise the shipping cost might increase significantly just to add the gift box), contact us with any questions