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Kiton Swimwear Men Swim Shorts L Peach Gray-Blue Novelty SALE

Kiton Swimwear | Kiton

Kiton Napoli

Genuine Kiton swim shorts, luxury swimwear, peach / gray floral design, front pocket with fancy Kiton logo button, back pocket with Kiton logo, hand made in Italy. Authentic Kiton Napoli. View all Kiton men accessories | swimwear.

  • Size: L (34" Waist) - (Fits 32-34" Waist)
  • Color: Peach / Gray-Blue
  • Fabrics: 100% Polyester
  • Style: Men Swim Shorts/ Front and back pocket
  • New / Authentic
  • Hand Made in Italy / Authentic
  • Product Code: kito-ss230382