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Vitaliano Pancaldi


Vitaliano Pancaldi is specializing in high-end men accessories, hand made in Bologna, Italy. Vitaliano Pancaldi's ties are hand cut with colorful Italian silk prints. Many designs have a black background with different signature designs, including many swirly lines/ striped designs.

Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties

Pancaldi Lilac Tie Dots

Luxury printed silk ties, colorful designs, floral, paisley and ornamental prints with a signature ribbon or swirly stripe. Shop Vitaliano Pancaldi.


New Designs



Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties Pleated Silk

Luxury pleated silk ties, new designs.

Pancaldi Tie Pancaldi Tie Pleated Silk




New designs, Vitaliano Pancaldi

 Tie Silk Necktie


Pleated Silk Ties

Extra fancy Vitaliano Pancaldi ties with pleated silk designs.



Shop Vialiano Pancaldi Pleated Silk Ties

Vitaliano Pancaldi 1947, Italian designer ties are available in printed silk and pleated silk designs.

pleated silk tie

Shop Pleated Silk Pancaldi Ties



 Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties Vitaliano Pancaldi Tie Pancaldi Ties Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties New

New Vitaliano Pancaldi Pleated Ties

More designs added, pleated silk Vitaliano Pancaldi neckties, luxury neckwear from Bologna, Italy. Limited production; exclusive men designer neckties:

Shop Pleated Silk Pancaldi Ties

Pleated Silk Tie Pleated Silk Tie New

Vitaliano Pancaldi

Pancaldi Pancaldi New Pancaldi Pleated Silk

Fancy colorful ties by Vitaliano Pancaldi. Tiedeals has been selling Vitaliano Pancaldi ties for almost 10 years online. Vitaliano ties are available in printed silk and pleated silk. 

The latest designs Vitaliano Pancaldi ties and pocket squares:

New Vitaliano Pancaldi New Vitaliano Pancaldi New Vitaliano Pancaldi

Pancaldi Ties 



A look a the many collections of signature Pancaldi prints: 

Vitaliano Pancaldi 2016 Collection

Silk Vitalinao Pancaldi ties, printed silk, hand made in Italy, genuine.


Vitaliano Pancaldi 2016 Collection: Pleated Ties

Very fancy pleated silk Vitaliano Pancaldi ties, hand made in Bologna, Italy


Shop Pleated Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties



Vitaliano Pancaldi 2016 Collection - Pleated Silk Ties



The signature pleated silk Vitaliano Pancaldi tie is hard to find as it is a very exclusive tie at $385 retail. not to push you to buy sooner than later, these ties come in very low quantity, one or two, and when one style is gone these do not come back in stock.


pancaldi  Pleated Tie silk Pleated Tie


Tiedeals keeps adding new styles pleated silk and regular cut Vitaliano Pancaldi online, directly imported from Italy.


Vitaliano Pancaldi 2015/ 2016 Fall/ Winter Collection Arrived:
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New Vitaliano Pancaldi Pleated Ties and some Pancaldi tie and pocket square sets:

Vitaliano Pancali Pleated Silk Ties Vitaliano Pancali Pleated Silk Tie

 Vitaliano Pancaldi is known for its' meticulous hand cut and hand stitched pleated silk necktie. As the process to create this pleated tie is not easy and needs lots of extra silk, expect to pay for this luxury. But you will get a very unique tie, made of very fancy printed Italian silk: Vitaliano Pancaldi pleated ties.  


Shop Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties 

New designs Vitaliano Pancaldi ties:

Vitaliano Pancaldi Vitaliano Pancaldi Necktie  

Vitaliano Pancaldi ties are name Vitaliano ties and have the same gold hanger on the back of the tie, only with the text "Vitaliano". Vitaliano ties are hand made in bologna, Italy.

The new collection just arrived with many signature designs at 30% off: Vitaliano Pancaldi ties.

   Vitaliano Pancaldi  Vitaliano Tie





Vitaliano Pancaldi Neckties 2012 Collection

Previous collections of Vitaliano Pancaldi, signature designs 2012 season.

Pancaldi 2012 Vitaliano Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties


Vitaliano Pancaldi is currently called Vitaliano (since 2014), similar to Gianni Versace change its' name to Versace. (Note: Giorgio Armani is changing to Armani while we speak). Anyway, after a while of quite, hard to find any Vitaliano Pancaldi ties, especially their special edition and pleated ties.

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