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Stefano Ricci

The luxury men's brand from Italy. Stefano Ricci produces all their ties, accessories and clothes in Italy. Expect meticulous finished silk ties and pocket squares by artisan tailors in Florence, Italy. The Stefano Ricci necktie also has some luxurious details: red crystals on back tail of (some of) the ties, self tipped construction and exceptional quality hand printed silks.

New Stefano Ricci designs, silk neckties:

Stefano Ricci Tie 




Stefano Ricci Tie Green 

Stefano Ricci Silk Tie Stefano Ricci Silk Tie Paisley

Stefano Ricci 2023/ 2024 collection 


Stefano Ricci Ties

Ricci Ricci


Luxury Neckties


Stefano Ricci Pleated Silk Ties

Stefano Ricci Neckties


More pleated silk ties added, including classic solid black, white and mustard pleated silk Stefano Ricci ties for an exclusive events or wedding.


Stefano Ricci Scarves

Discount cashmere silk and cotton/silk shawls, stunning colors, logo designs and other elegant prints.  

Stefano Ricci Scarves Stefano Ricci Scarves New


New Stefano Ricci Scarves Luxury

Genuine Stefano Ricci scarf designs of the men collection.


Stefano Ricci Shirts

Luxury hand made men dress shirts and sport shirts including fancy short sleeve shirts/ jerseys. Shop Stefano Ricci shirts at outlet prices. Stefano Ricci has also a great selection of short sleeve dress shirts.

Shirt Ricci Short Sleeve Shirts

 Shirt Ricci New Shirt Ricci

Ricci Short Sleeve Shirt


Stefano Ricci Tie Details

Sartorial details, exclusive and luxury finishes. Fine detailed prints of the Stefano Ricci "Geometries" collection.

Details Ricci Details Ricci Luxury

Ties Luxury




Pleated Silk Tie Black tie Pleated Silk

Pictures of the latest the designs Stefano Ricci ties, printed silk designer neckwear.

 stefano-ricci Ricci

Stefano Ricci Pleated Silk Ties

Please eated Silk 


New Ties  stefano-ricci


Silk tie Stefano Ricci silk ties

Stefano Ricci Pleated Silk Neckties Pictures

Pleated Silk

Stefano Ricci Neckties Pictures

Genuine pleated silk men ties.


Stefano Ricci Ties 


  Silk Stefano Ricci Tie

Arrived: Stefano Ricci Pleated Ties, Luxury Pleated Silk Neckwear!


Stefano Ricci Pleated Ties

Step it up a notch, with the very exclusive pleated silk Stefano Ricci tie. Here are some pleated designs and some very exclusive basketweave designs:

Pleated Silk silk pleated silk Green Tie 

Shop: Stefano Ricci Pleated Silk Ties


Stefano Ricci Neckties - Photos

Stefano Ricci TieNeckwear


Shop Stefano Ricci Ties


Most Stefano Ricci ties are (hand) printed silk ties. The Stefano Ricci tie is available with the 'Stefano Ricci' label and the 'Stefano Ricci Luxury Collection' label.

Shop Stefano Ricci Neckties


Ties Silk Tie


Stefano Ricci Ricci


Stefano Ricci Luxury Collection

Silk Ties, Hand Made In Italy. 


Genuine Stefano Ricci ties:

Ricci RicciStefano Ricci Online

Stefano Ricci 2018 collection ties at 40% off. Shop Stefano Ricci.


 Stefano RicciRicci

Shop Stefano Ricci

Ricci New


Stefano Ricci Necktie Details, Back Loop & Logo

Ricci Stefano Ricci

The Stefano Ricci tie runs a bit longer than the regular tie (60" instead of 58"), which is not extra long, but the extra 2" could be useful for 6.1"- 6.3" tall gentlemen wearing ties. Stefano Ricci uses many hand printed silk with a heavy twill.

Shop Stefano Ricci clothes/ accessories online:
Stefano Ricci ties have been just added 35% off retail! 

Stefano Ricci tie


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