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Most luxurious men dress socks in the world!

arrives soon from Italy: New Cesare Attolini, Zilli and Stefano Ricci socks, including many over-the-calf designs, the ultimate luxury men socks in the world! Save 35% - 65% off, the best men socks, very fancy silk Zilli over the calf men socks, many solid colors, Cesare Attolini socks, specializing in sartorial men clothing and accessories, from Napoli, Italy. Many over-the-calf men socks, made of silk, cashmere and Egyptian cotton, Filo di Scozia (Fancy Scottish Yarn) including solid black socks.

Cesare Attolini

Over the calf men dress socks, made in Italy. New designs in cotton and cashmere added at 45% - 65% off! Shop Cesare Attolini socks.




Made in France and Made in Italy, classic solid black, brown, navy socks, knee height luxury socks at great discounts.

Many Zilli socks are a lightweight wool, some are cashmere and some very fancy silk.


The Zilli men socks are made in Italy and are a guarantee of elegance and comfort. 

Stefano Ricci 

Finest high cotton socks, men collection, dress socks, as good as it gets!


Read more details about the luxury over the calf socks, cashmere silk socks for men: best socks in the world.

Shop for a great selection of colorful men socks, over-the-calf classic black/ brown/ navy socks made of the best cotton/ cashmere and silk blends. The best dress socks for men, shop now for a great deal on brands like, Gene Meyer and VK Nagrani socks.

Gene Meyer Socks

Gene Meyer socks are a light cotton blend, fun dress socks, made in Italy. All Gene Meyer designs are colorful, including men unique and very tasteful stripes, polka dots and geometric shapes. One size fits all.

Gene Meyer Socks Socks Men


Read more about Gene Meyer. Shop Gene Meyer Socks.


VK Nagrani Socks

VK Nagrani also know (previous years) as Ovadafut by VK Nagrani socks are a very high quality men sock. The VK Nagrani men designer socks collection exist out of, colorful designs in mid calf and over the calf socksdesigns, cashmere and alpaca wool socks in popular colors like black and navy.

 socks Men

VK Nagrani also carries a popular solid color sock, in a Peruvian and Italian cotton blend. Solid color socks include pink, gray, orange, brown, black and navy. Shop VK Nagrani Socks.

Socks Socks Men Socks New


Nagrani Over The Calf Socks Socks



Etro Socks

Colorful over the calf and mid calf men socks, made in Italy.




Shop luxury men socks: discount over the calf socks.