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Sartorial Style


Sartorial - "Tailor Made" clothes and accessories. Nowadays it is hard to find men clothes and accessories which are made with great care and hand (all) hand stitched elements in the garment. As the word 'bespoke' is mostly used in reference to custom made clothing, especially hand made dress shirts, the word 'sartorial' comes up when the conversation is about high quality hand made Italian suits, shirts and ties generally referring to the (mostly Neaplotan) Italian made tailored men clothes.

Charvet Barba 

Sartorial neckwear: Charvet | Barba | Finamore Napoli

Zegna Couture Zegna Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna 5 Pieghe (7 Fold) | Zegna Couture | Zegna 100 Fili


Sartorial Style

Featured outfit, only the finest hand made men's clothing, Italian artisan tailoring.

What does sartorial style mean?

The current real world reference for 'sartorial' is to high-end hand made tailoring, respect ancient/ older techniques, sometimes time consuming, quality tailoring, also custom made tailoring. Mostly referred to for luxury hand made Italian ties, accessories, dress shirt and suits, with many of the decades old tailors and clothing manufacturers in Napoli, Italy.

Sartorial style refers to (mostly) men who appreciate and love to wear high quality custom/ hand made, often hand made in Italy by artisan tailors. The design are often classic, vintage and with a unique personal taste, sartorial elegance.

Sartorial Clothing: Luigi Borrelli

Fall/ winter collection, Kiton cashmere/ vicuña sport coat and white Borrelli dress shirt and brown striped wool/ silk Luigi Borrelli tie.

Borrelli Kiton Sartorial

Shop: Kiton Sport Coat | Borrelli White Shirt | Borrelli Tie

Sartorial clothes and accessories.

Sartorial neckwear: Stefano Ricci | Kiton | Zilli


 Attolini Marinella  Kiton

Sartorial neckwear: Cesare Attolini | E. Marinella Napoli | Kiton


Sartorial neckwear: Luigi Borrelli


Sartorio Tie Pants Jeans

Sartorial neckwear, jeans and hand made men clothes: Sartorio Napoli

 Shop the exclusive Sartorio sevenfold ties, top quality with some narrow cut designs available.


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