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Salvatore Ferragamo

Shop online for the best deal on Salvatore Ferragamo neckties, novelty designs, hand made in Italy. Most Ferragamo ties have a novelty design and are made of twill printed silk, some designs have a jacquard silk fabric content.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Ties

The whimsical design with tiny repeating animals and interesting objects keeps pleasing a significant audience, the  novelty tie can be worn as professional outfit or for evening events. 

Ferragamo Men Ferragamo Silk Ties
Salvatore Ferragamo Design: Anchor | Frog


Silk Ties Turtle

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Orange tie Unicorn




Ferragamo Ferragamo New Ferragamo Blue

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Many brands try to enter this "novelty tie" market but many failed, often on the very basics: 

The novelty prints with lots of tiny elements in an organized way seem to be a lot more popular than the "few tiny (or larger) animals with too much spacing". It is always intriguing to see a nice looking tie which seems to be a striped or geometric print, but has, when you get closer a fine novelty design. The Salvatore Ferragamo designs are often the favorite animals done well and interlocking novelty prints.

Tip: Having a novelty print of a tiny dog, penguin or frog in a organized striped and/ or interlocking print is often a lot more popular than just a few tiny animal on a large tie background.


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Yes, better prices on Ferrgamo ties than Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack or Neiman Marcus.


Latest Salvatore Ferragamo men collection neckwear designs:

designs: shirt and tie, fish, panama hat, bicycle, penguin, dog and more...



ferragamo fox ferragamo tie



Ferragamo Necktie


Designs include champagne flute, soccer ball, lion:


Silk Tie Ferragamo Ferragamo


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Ferragamo Ties  Ferragamo



Salvatore Ferragamo pocket squares:

Silk novelty hankies/ pochette, hand made in Italy

 Ferragamo Hankie

More Ferragamo tie designs:

 Birds Men Collection

 New Ferragamo 

Signature Gancini design Salvatore Ferragamo neckties, men collection.


Salvatore Ferragamo 2018

New Salvatore Ferragamo designs 2018 collection:

 Salvatore Ferragamo




  • Ferragamo Elephant Tie
  • Ferragamo Bee Tie
  • Ferragamo Sitting Dog Tie
  • Ferragamo Giraffe Tie
  • Ferragamo Volleyball Tie
  • Ferragamo Dragonfly Tie
  • Ferragamo Dog Tie
  • Ferragamo Golfclub Tie
  • Ferragamo Horse Tie

Shop for discount SALVATORE FERRAGAMO ties.

Many seasons of genuine Salvatore Ferragamo designs. Wonderful print, many dogs, puppies, elephants, volleyballs and elephants designs, to name a few.

Genuine twill silk Salvatore Ferragamo, signature novelty prints with regal dogs, volleyballs, horses, elephants, ping pong playing birds and much more. New: Salvatore Ferragamo 2018 Collection

New designs added: Salvatore Ferragamo prints, 2018 collection neckties.

Latest Salvatore Ferragamo 2018 designs:

 New Ferragamo Horses


Shop Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2018 Collection


Previous Salvatore Ferragamo men collections, pictures and details: 

View: Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2017 Collection

View: Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2016 Collection

View:Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/ Winter 2015/ 2016 Collection

Salvatore Ferragamo ties are very popular. Every season dozens of new novelty designs are hitting the shelves. The Salvatore Ferragamo tie retails at $190 + tax at large retailers (like Neiman Marcus/ Nordstrom) and specialty stores. The novelty prints, in many designs, keeps the interest of the fashionista and frequent necktie wearer. Ferragamo's tie collections exist of 95%+ of printed silk novelty designs.

Very popular prints which come back every season in slightly difference design: elephant, penguin, dog, tiger, anchor (maritime), golf club. Over the seasons some interesting prints appear with ranging from golf balls to rhinos. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Pictures of the latest designs, genuine Salvatore Ferragamo ties, twill silk novelty designs including Regal dog and Gancini prints. Shop online Salvatore Ferragamo Sale.

Dogs Design


Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/ Winter 2017/2018 Collection



Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2017 Collection

2017 styles Ferragamo ties! Authentic men collection, printed silk neckties, novelty designs.


FerragamoRed Tops


Ferragamo  TieLion

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Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2016 Collection

New Salvatore Ferragamo ties with brand new designs, classic new dog prints, elephants and bird, monkey design and octopus in many colors.

Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016 Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016 Gray Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016 Yellow

Salvatore Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016: Golf , Gancini, Octopus

 Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016 Navy Salvatore Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016 Salvatore Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016: Golf , Gancini, Octopus

Salvatore Ferragamo Tie Spring/ Summer 2016: Prancing Horse , Bee, Octopus

Salvatore Ferragamo ties are hand made in Italy. Size: regular length, 3.15" / 8cm width.


Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/ Winter 2015/ 2016 Collection

Shop for Salvatore Ferragamo Belts, genuine leather reversible belts.

Latest designs for the latest Fall/ Winter 2015/ 2016, Salvatore Ferragamo neckties, twill silk (printed silk), birds, horses, geometric print:

  Salvatore Ferragamo 


The Salvatore Ferragamo men collection neckties also have, a very few, designs in jacquard (woven) silk. In 2015 the car and turtle were popular designs. A few non-novelty designs are available too.

Salvatore Ferragamo started almost a century ago making high-end boots and shoes for the rich and famous in Florence, Italy. Currently Salvatore Ferragamo is an international brand with full collections for men and women.

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New Salvatore Ferragamo ties, Fall Winter 2015/ 2016 Designs:

2015/ 2016 Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Collection

Designs include: Overlapping Horses, Horse Head, Geometric Bees Print

Ferragamo 2015/ 2016   Salvatore Ferragamo Men 


Necktie designs of Salvatore Ferragamo 2015:

2015 Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Collection


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Playful tiger cubs, Cars on jacquard silk in navy blue, Equestrian and floral design in red, Soccer Ball and tiger


2014 Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Collection


Ferragamo prints: Geometric dog on navy background, Butterflies in fuchsia, Sailboats in yellow, Elephants in navy/ blue.


Looking for a more affordable Italian novelty, check out the luxury Battistoni ties, in various novelty designs. 

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Salvatore Ferragamo ties are available online at outlet prices: Shop the current collection Salvatore Ferragamo ties at 30% - 45% Off. Shop for Ferragamo on Ebay if you are interested on a good deal on older styles Ferragamo ties.