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Pleated Silk Ties

The pleated silk tie gives another dimension to luxury, exquisite style and exclusivity. As less than 0.01% of the neckties made have a fancy pleated silk feature. The pleated silk tie is both expensive and difficult to make. The silk pattern has to lay out perfectly, taken in account the pleats, and the amount of silk used is a lot more than with a regular necktie. The pleated silk necktie is also referred to as the plisse necktie.

Which brands offer pleated silk ties:

Stefano Ricci Pleated Silk Ties




Vitaliano Pancaldi Pleated Silk Ties

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Vitaliano Pancaldi Pleated Silk Ties

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The top brands for pleated silk designer ties, both hand made in Italy, are Vitaliano Pancaldi and Stefano Ricci. Vitaliano Pancaldi designs are mostly with colorful designs on black backgrounds and retail at $385 usd. Stefano Ricci pleated silk ties are stunning paisley and other ornamental and geometric styles and retail at $450 usd.

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