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Necktie Sizing

What is a regular size of a necktie?

Necktie Length

Designer ties are available in two lengths:

Regular & Extra Long


The regular necktie is 56" - 59", Most neckties being 58" long = 1.47m. Many designer ties are made in similar factories in Italy and will have that similar length.

Extra Long

How much longer is an extra long tie?

The extra long tie is generally 5" (13cm) longer than the regular necktie. The minimum length of an extra long tie is 61", and some brands make the extra long tie up to 64" long.

The extra long tie is generally very useful for men of 6.3" / 1.89cm and taller (as the regular tie would be too short), also the extra long tie would be a pretty good fit for men of 6.1' and up.


Necktie Width

In 2017 the most common size designer necktie (as seen in large retailers in the USA) is approx 3".

The two most common sizes are 7.5cm = 2.95" and 8.0cm = 3.15".

The trend has been (over the last few years) from 9.5 cm width to 7.5 cm width. Trendy brands like D&G, Kenzo etc. produce more narrow ties at 2.5" - 2.7" (6.5cm - 7cm) widths. Skinny tie have a 1.5" - 2.5" width.

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Traditional brands like Turnbull & Asser, E. Marinella still produce the conservative width tie at 9.5cm = 3.75" width.

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Skinny Necktie: 1.5" - 2.5" Width  ||  Narrow Necktie: 2.7" - 2.8" Width

Regular Necktie:3" - 3.15" Width  ||  Conservative Width: 3.3" - 3.6" Width  ||  Wide Necktie: 3.75" Width

Necktie Length:
The length is generally approx. 148cm / 58", all neckties have very similar length. Extra long ties are approx. 160cm / 62.5".