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Kiton Shirts

Yes, there are still hand made men dress shirts. The masters of Kiton kept the sartorial tradition going. As the cost for a hand made dress shirt goes quick north of the $500, there is limited demand for it, however the sartorialist and the man who just loves quality, does no t bounce back for the tough price tag. As tailors are paid very well in Italy (high end dress shirt tailoring) and a men dress shirt can take up to 6 hours, using the best cotton fabrics, a $950 price tag (retail) is more common than an exception for a genuine Kiton shirt.

As most of Kiton clothing is exclusively distributed, most Kiton clothing is hard to find online at a good price (beside the less popular styles).

The Kiton Shirt Quality

The Kiton shirt is a "true masterpiece of sartorial art" (as quoted by Kiton), each Kiton shirt is hand made and takes six hours to be made, using 22 hand stitched procedures. Kiton makes sure the best fabrics are used, giving it a comfortable wear.

The Kiton Dress Shirt

The Kiton shirt is totally hand made and is available in solid white and blue with spread collar, and many other designs. The siluoette of the Kiton dress shirt ( regular fit) is great as the hand stitched armholes contribute to an excellent fit, slightly modern fit. The Kiton shirt feature the hand stitched 'zampa di gallina' stitch (crowfoot) button detail.

Shirt Blue Kiton Linen  Shirt Shirt Kiton


The Kiton Sport Shirt

Excellent selection of cashmere/ cotton and cotton shirts, camo look, florals and much more, the Kiton sport shirt collection.

Kiton Shirt Sport Shirt Kiton Sport Shirt Kiton Gray

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