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Genuine Etro ties! Shop for Etro men collection silk pocket squares and neckties at 45% - 65% off! Genuine Etro neckties and pocket squares for men. Over the years there have been some interesting Etro tie designs, many Etro colorful paisley and geometric designs. The Etro men collection is elegance and stylish. 

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Etro Neckties

 NecktieEtro Milano Tie

Shop Etro neckties, silk ties hand made in Italy.


Etro Pocket Squares

The silk Etro pocket square will add some great color to your sport coats' pocket. Vibrant colors, quality Italian silk. See pictures of the latest Etro pocket square designs. The Etro pocket square (most size 45 x 45cm / 17.5 x 17.5") are also a great accessory for the (women) purse or handbag.

Luxury designer pocket squares, made in Italy:

 Etro Purple Hankie Etro Pocket Squares

Etro pocket squares, line/s ilk designs, men collection.

Etro Hankie


Etro  Etro box



Paisley Silk Ties

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Etro Etro Tie Etro

Etro Etro 

Genuine Etro Ties, Shop at outlet prices:

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Luxury designer pocket squares, made in Italy:

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