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Elevenfold Ties

Artisan quality handmade 11 fold ties, sartorial brands from Napoli, a rare find: The elevenfold tie is the luxury brother of the "sevenfold" tie.

A regular tie, made in Italy, would be a 3 or 4 fold tie. The sevenfold tie goes decades back to mostly artisan tie makers from Napoli, creating a fancier version of the necktie. The sevenfold tie uses significantly more silk as the regular tie (means more $), therefore not often seen in the regular department stores.

Sartorial Sartorial  Sartorial Ties

The sevenfold tie is often appreciated by a tie connoisseur whom appreciates sartorial details and hard to make quality neckties. The elevenfold is even a more exclusive tie cut, not made by many artisan tie makers. The tie becomes thick with the folds, which creates a wonderful thick knot (which is not appreciated by every sartorialist).

The elevenfold tie is an ultimate luxury tie with a deep sartorial identity. Brands available:

11 Fold