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Looking for a colorful tie or unique cufflinks? Duchamp London has been making jacquard silk ties for more than two decades, years ago they used a very thick jacquard silk for their colorful prints. Currently the Duchamp silks are medium weight and makes a more average size knot. Duchamp has a nice selection of colorful Duchamp cufflinks, Duchamp ties and more luxury men accessories. There are a few Duchamp ties left at 40% - 70% off retail:

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Shop Duchamp Ties 40% - 70% Off

Currently no Duchamp ties for sale: as Tiedeals carried the Duchamp brand proudly in the early 2000's, currently with the Brand Machine Group owning the brand, there is mostly Asian production and other shortcuts, not the heavy English silks, stunning designs and hand-made-in-England exclusivity, as we got 10+ years.

Duchamp Ties - Pictures

Jacquard silk Duchamp London neckties. Designs for previous collection. See here picture of Duchamp neckties of the 2012 collection:

 Duchamp Ties - Pictures Duchamp - Pictures

Duchamp Ties - Pictures Gift Box

Duchamp Ties - Pictures 2015 Collection

Jacquard Silk Duchamp Neckties, Duchamp Ties - Pictures 2015 Collection Photos

Duchamp 2015 Collection Duchamp 2015 Collection ties Duchamp 2015 Collection Silk Neckties

The good old days of Duchamp, passion and high quality English silks, colorful designer ties, hand made in England!

Duchamp Ties - Pictures 2011/ 2012 Collection

Jacquard silk Duchamp neckties, Duchamp jacquard silk ties - Pictures 2011/ 2012 Collection Photos

Duchamp Tie Silk Duchamp Ties 2012  Duchamp Ties


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