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Designer Pocket Squares

Shop for a large selection of brand name hankies/ pocket squares at 35% - 75% off retail. Brands include, Luigi Borrelli, Brunello Cucinelli, Kiton, Etro, Emilio Pucci, Cesare Attolini, Tom Ford and Zegna.

Most designer pocket squares are made of printed silk, hand rolled borders, and are 33cm x 33cm or 45cm x 45cm in size. The latest season silk pochette are made of a lightweight silk, which keeps the pocket square from creating a bump in the jacket pocket.

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Classic Brands Pocket Squares

Borrelli, Zegna, Ralph Lauren and Kiton have mostly classic designs and conservative designs pocket squares, mostly with geometric designs.

Colorful Designer Pocket Squares

Hard to find and very colorful designs are: Etro, Kiton and Emilio Pucci. Etro is known for its' colorful paisley designs, Kiton has classic print in many colors, Pucci hankies are signature designs in aqua/ blue/ pink and many other colors.

Unique Pocket Squares

Popular brands like Tom Ford and less known sartorial brands Cesare Attolini have a great selection of less common design pocket squares, all hand made in Italy. Tom Ford designs have lots of gray/ black/ brown/ green/ taupe. Attolini designs are bit more classic, including very nice geometric designs in fuchsia/ pink/ and aqua/ blue.