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World's best bow ties in mogador silk, wool blends, velvet (cotton blend) and other fancy Italian silks. Note most higher-end bow ties are self tie bow ties, which can also be shipped tied upon request. Pre-tied bow ties can not be changed. Find below the bow tie archive of Tom Ford bow ties, Leonard Paris bow ties and more...

Self tie or pre-tied bow ties?

Generally speaking the pretied bow tie is often found in the lower end bow tie category, where the bow has been simply finished in the center, which does not create an "real tied" look.

Tom Ford Men
Tom Ford - Signature black gray houndstooth design - 2021 collection


Some brands however have in the high-end ($100+) some excellent pre-tied bow ties. The pre-tied bow tie is easier when you have to get ready for you black tie event, and is a solid option to get an consistent look of the bow tie. I still suggest to wear the bow for a while when walking at the door, check how it looks after 15 minutes and adjust slightly when needed. Shop some of the best bow ties in the world.

Black Bow Tie

Le Noeud Papillon - Oversized Solid Black Bow Tie - 2020

The pre-tied bow tie can be produced with not even a full pieces of silk to create a butterfly bow tie, as done for generations. However Tom Ford bow ties, which where self tie, but sold (pre-) tied 10 years ago, are the last few season still made from scratch, tied in to a beautiful full knot, have the 100% self tie look, but then with a little stitch in the back center keeping it all together, which ensures a consistent look but does not allow to adjust the bow a bit to your own likings (the specialist in Italy made a nice tied bow tie for you, so why do we like to change that?).

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Bow Ties - 2019 Collection

The self tie bow tie (tie your own TYO) is a great option for an authentic look, but do not expect as a newbee to get a perfectly tied bow within minutes, starting with some training sessions days before is suggested. The self tie bow tie has that genuine experience of making a great piece of art your self, the center can be tight and straight or has a curved look, the back wings can be exposed popping out just behind the front wings. 

Luxury Bow Tie

Spade head bow tie, purple design, Italian silk


Expected: Gucci Bow Ties

Skinny Batwing Bow Tie Yellow Black Bow Green Diamond Point Bow tie

Large Black Bow Ties

Shop black designer bow ties.

Luxury bow ties, often self tie, as preferred by many bow tie enthusiasts. The designs ar not limited to the solid black butterfly bow tie, but also a yellow sky blue skinny batwing bow tie or green purple diamond point bow tie might brighten up your day.



Most Popular Luxury Bow Ties

Since a very positive reception of the large black velvet tom Ford bow tie at the Golden Globes and Oscar almost a decade back, Tom Ford bow ties have been very popular in the luxury/ made in Italy segment. The Tom ford bow tie is hand tied/ formed by expert craftsman in Italy. The $250 price tag is not for everybody, however the jacquard silk bow ties in many shades of silver/ black/ brown and some purple make a great statement.

Tom Ford Bow Ties

Silk Bow Tie


Bow Ties Tom Ford


Dots Bow

Shop Tom Ford bow ties, pre-tied full size silk (and some line/ wool blend) bow ties, tied by artisan tailors at Tom Ford production in Italy.

Bow Ties Bow Ties Silk  Black Bow Large

Silk Bow Ties Bow Ties tom Ford Bow

The first collection of Tom Ford bow ties where self tie bow ties which were pretied and could be adjusted and tied again from scratch. The Tom Ford bow tie collections for the last 5+ years are natural looking bow ties, tied by expert craftsman, and have a stitch on the back to keep it all together (pre-tied).

Shop Tom Ford Bow Ties


Colorful Bow Ties

Stunning floral print by Leonard, Yuzen silk signature prints, hand made in Australia, Emilio Pucci signature print bow ties and cummerbund sets and more.

Le Noeud Papillon, in Sydney, Australia, specializes in hand made bow ties using fancy Japanese, English and Italian silk with many unique designs and limited collections.

Yuzen Silk Bow Ties Silk Bow Ties LNP 

In the mood for a Mogador silk pink bow or a lime and purple Yuzen silk floral design, check out Le Noeud Papillon bow ties.


Luxury bow ties from down under, hand made in Australia: Lenoeud Papillon.



Tom Ford bow 

Bow Tie Leonard


Shop all luxury bow ties, self tie and pre-tied designs.