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Battisti Napoli

Since 1970, Battisti is specializing in high quality men's accessories. Battisti ties are made of the finest Italian silks by artisan seamstresses. Battisti creates a regular necktie, a 7 fold necktie, a hidden pocket (in the back of the necktie) necktie and a special edition necktie which has a different knot design. Battisti scarves are available in cotton blends for the summer and wool/ cashmere/ silk blends for the winter, oblong scarves. Battisti designs are often classic prints, sartorial ties, hand made in Italy.

Battisti Napoli Ties - Pictures

Battisti TieBattisti

  Box Battisti 



Battisti Regular Cut & Sevenfold Ties

Battisti ties are not your regular designer tie but a sartorial (bespoke) hand cut/ hand made necktie with luxurious silk (blend) fabrics.

   Battisti Made in Italy  


 Battisti Battisti Hidden Pocket Edition Cravatte Battisti Napoli

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Battisti ties are available in a regular cut tie, a sevenfold tie and a special hidden pocket tie.

Battisti Tie The regular Battisti tie is comparable to brands like Borrelli, Canali, Zegna, Corneliani. The Battisti sevenfold tie quality is very similar to Isaia, Borrelli, or Barba Napoli. The "hidden Pocket" ties are unique. On the back side of the blade of the Battisti tie is a mother-of-pearl button which closes the finished back part of the tie, when opened there is a hidden pocket for your money or credit card. The hand finishes are outstanding and devine for the sartorial/ bespoke fashionasta. Also available some amazing Battisti pocket squares, shop online now.


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Battisti believes in high quality, hand made products. Master tailors hand stitch every necktie, making it a unique accessory to wear.

Sartorial ties, hand made in Italy.


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