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Ascot Ties

Luxury ascot ties, hand made in Italy.

Ascot ties are available in two different styles. Ascot ties explained:

Formal Ascot Tie
The formal ascot tie is often preformed and might have a crystal in the center front or a stick pin. The formal ascot tie is often used for ceremonial events like wedding. Most formal ascot ties are made of silk.


Pictures of Italian day cravats:

  Ascot Cravat


Ascot  Ascot Ties Silk

Day Cravat / Ascot Tie
The less formal version of the ascot tie, often twill silk, available in many designs, worn underneath a dress shirt or sport shirt. The day cravat is a decorative piece, however also is useful on slightly cooler days as it protects the neck. Based on the design, you can go from formal, conservative, classic to a pretty extravagant look.

Tiedeals offer a selection of high quality silk ascot ties, hand made in Italy:

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