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Pleated Silk Ties Vitaliano Pancaldi

March 22, 2017 1 min read

Pleated Silk Ties Vitaliano Pancaldi

Pleated silk ties are expensive as they hard to make and they use more than double the amount of silk. As the design has to make sense, or better make the tie more interesting when folded, it takes sometimes a few tries to get the design wanted. Some pleated ties are all pleat, however not near the knot. Some pleated silk ties have parts of pleates (stripe) and regular silk (stripe) in between. The top brand for pleated ties are Stefano Ricci and Vitaliano Pancaldi. New pleated silk Vitaliano Pancaldi ties have been added at very interesting prices. Note: there is only one tie per style, these ties do not get manufactured in high quantities, get it when you can. Also new Vitaliano Pancaldi regular printed silk ties added at 35% - 55% off:

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Pleated Silk Ties 

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